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Gather people to monitor elections – electionwatch07

Election observer Becky, outside a polling station

“Basically, without PledgeBank I doubt we would have had nearly as many election observers volunteer. The public nature of PledgeBank also seemed to encourage the very high follow-through rate which meant that most people who signed up actually did the election observation. The result of the pledge was that 25 people were accredited by the Electoral Commission to observe elections in Scotland and England. Their observations fed into our 65-page report which was recently launched with significant press coverage.”

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  • No2Whack
    I, klep Straightspit, will PLEDGE TO NO LONGER GAS UP WHACK RAPPERS but only if 20 other people will do the same.
    noch 196 Tage, 11 more signatures needed
  • StayClean
    I, Angelica Mariano, will stay clean for ever! but only if 100 family members will do the same.
    noch 591 Tage, 47 more signatures needed
  • cynthiasfriends
    Ich, Michael Lenk, werde 20,0 € an Cynthia Nickschas spenden, wenn 50 andere Menschen 10,0 € spenden werden.
    noch 23 Tage, 34 more signatures needed

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USA pledges and global Deutsch pledges listed

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