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Donate books to build a library – Bakul-Library

Bakul Library

“…the pledge campaign was just perfect. And we told the skeptics that they anyway did not have to contribute if they did not find a thousand others foolish enough to believe in it. As we neared our target, more and more people got involved in the mobilization as even the skeptics wanted this idea to succeed. As a result of that campaign now we have one of the best children's libraries in India, and set up entirely with the small contributions of a thousand-odd people.”

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  • StopHelpPledge
    I, Alisa T. Buonanno, will Not bully and help stop other from bullying but only if 20 other local people will do the same.
    noch 188 Tage, 14 more signatures needed
  • StayClean
    I, Angelica Mariano, will stay clean for ever! but only if 100 family members will do the same.
    noch 836 Tage, 60 more signatures needed
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